About Cassandra


Cassandra started taking photos in 2012 during a trip to NYC, where she fell in love with photojournalism and art. It was in NYC where she decided to pursue photography as a serious hobby. After disciplined practice, Cassandra has shot a wide range of events for many cultures, from Greek weddings to Sri Lankan anniversaries to Jewish Tevilah rituals. 

Born and raised in small family restaurant in Timmins Ontario, Canada, Cassandra met and became friends with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Her love and curiosity for cultures has since brought her to over 20 countries in the world: from the glaciers of Iceland, the Incan ruins of Peru, to isolated villages in the Cambodian jungle. All the experience she's witnessed in the world made her believe that every person is beautiful in their own unique way. Since then, she has decided to keep photography as a "side business" to allow herself to fully express her creativity.

Currently, Cassandra is happily employed at Capital One where she manages the execution of Customer Experience programs across Canada, helping to provide actionable insights to stakeholders. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree from Western University and currently resides in Toronto Ontario, Canada.